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Guy Montag

Guy Montag, a fireman in an era when that job entails burning books. Although he has enjoyed burning books for ten years, his enthusiasm wanes after he smuggles a book out of the home of an old lady whose house and book collection are burned. Convinced that books can prevent humankind from making the mistakes that lead to wars, he joins forces with Faber to arrange for the duplication of books and to eavesdrop on the firemen. After his house and books are burned, Montag kills Captain Beatty and follows the railroad tracks out of town. With the assistance of Faber, he eludes the Mechanical Hounds that pursue him and is taken in by a group of former college professors, all of whom have memorized books. Although Montag initially believes that he does not belong with these people, the destruction of the city jogs his memory, and he is able to recall part of the Book of Ecclesiastes and the Book of Revelation. Like the others, he plans to pass down what he has memorized to others.

Mildred Montag

Mildred Montag, Montag’s wife. Instead of thinking, as Montag and Clarisse do, she escapes from her stifling existence by driving at excessive speed or by listening to the thimble radios in her ears and watching the wall-to-wall circuit television. Out of frustration, she swallows an entire bottle of sleeping pills and has to have her blood replaced. Because she cannot understand Montag’s appreciation of literature, she turns him in to the firemen. Montag mourns her after she dies in the atomic explosion.

Clarisse McClellan

Clarisse McClellan, Montag’s sixteen-year-old neighbor. Psychiatrists classify her as insane because she thinks more than the average citizen does. Montag realizes that he is unhappy after he meets her, and he continues to walk her to the corner on a daily basis because, unlike his wife, she gives him her full attention. She disappears, possibly the hit-and-run victim of joy-riding teenagers.

Captain Beatty

Captain Beatty, the Chief Burner and Montag’s superior. Having dismissed Montag’s disenchantment with book burning as a phase through which all firemen pass, Beatty provides him with a history of the events that led up to the censorship and burning of all books. Although he has memorized quotations from books he has read, Beatty uses them to refute Montag’s defense of books. After forcing Montag to set fire to his own books and house, Beatty provokes Montag into incinerating him with a flamethrower.

Mrs. Phelps

Mrs. Phelps, a friend of Mildred. She is a childless, superficial woman who is happy because she lets her husband, who has just gone off to war, do all the worrying. Although she seems to be cold, she sobs uncontrollably while Montag reads “Dover Beach.”

Mrs. Bowles

Mrs. Bowles, a friend of Mildred. Selfish and shallow, she has had three unhappy marriages, twelve abortions, and two Caesarean sections. Incapable of showing or feeling love, she calls Montag’s poetry “mush” and turns him in to the firemen.


Granger, the leader of a group of former college professors with photographic memories. The author of a book dealing with the relationship between the individual and society, he has inherited his grandfather’s disdain for the status quo. He and his colleagues memorize books and then burn them to escape harassment from the firemen.


Faber, a college professor. He is a self-confessed coward who reluctantly helps Montag by communicating with him through a small two-way radio that he has placed in Montag’s ear. Faber teaches Montag that it is not books that he needs but the meanings in books. After helping Montag escape the Mechanical Hounds, he feels alive for the first time in years.

The Mechanical Hounds

The Mechanical Hounds, eight-legged robots. These insidious creatures are programmed by the firemen to track down and kill fugitives. Montag burns one and eludes another by altering the chemical index of his perspiration.

Fahrenheit 451 Change Essay

991 WordsMay 20th, 20134 Pages

Essay- Fahrenheit 451

Topic Sentence: Everyone undergoes change in their life, whether it is beneficial or not.

Expand: Some can be life changing, while others can be life threatening.

Literary Information: In Ray Bradbury’s science fiction novel, Fahrenheit 451,

Lead into Thesis: Montag, the protagonist, lives in a world that dramatically changes him on a daily basis. It makes him realize how society has changed.

Thesis Statement: As the protagonist, Montag undergoes many changes throughout the book due to several characters that function as catalysts in his life.

Supporting Points: In Fahrenheit 451, Montag’s change is mainly related to 1) book burning #3 2) manipulative parlor families #1 3) and a strange…show more content…

A script is technically a book but nobody has realized that yet. This changes Montag’s perspective on Mildred’s life, and how she has been living for a long while now. He feel’s as though it is unfair for the people who loved to read books.

Lead: Another example of how Mildred had changed Montag’s life due to the parlor families is when Clarisse passed away. Proof: “I’m not sure. But I think she’s dead. The family moved out anyway. I don’t know but I think she is dead.” (Bradbury 47) Comment: This made Montag realize how separated Mildred is from the outside world. She is so caught up in her shows all day, everyday, that she has no idea what is really happening in reality.

Link to Thesis: These characters functioned as catalysts to Montag throughout the book. Whether it was just a simple sentence to change the thought, or a something major that is life changing.

Closing: Overall, parlor families take up a major role in Fahrenheit 451. They are a major part of Montag’s life and how he has changed.

Body Paragraph #2

Topic Sentence: It’s not everyday that people come across someone who may have changed their life forever.

Expand: However, Montag encountered somebody just like that.

Supporting Point #1: Montag met a strange girl named Clarisse while walking home one night. After brief conversation, Montag realized how

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