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Importance Of Following a Direct Order In Army Essays and Research Papers

  • Obeying a Direct Order
    The importance of obeying a direct order from a NCO. Before I begin, what is an NCO? A non-commissioned officer is an enlisted member of the Army who has been...
    Words: 1034 — Pages: 5
  • The Importants Of Following Orders
    army recive the same order. this event also shows the importants of an NCO followin the orders of an NCO. its not just a privates job to follow orders...
    Words: 2601 — Pages: 11
  • Importance Of Following Orders
    importance of following orders in. Not following orders is not an optional choice that recruits can make upon joining the army...
    Words: 1187 — Pages: 5
  • Importance Of Following Orders
    Importance of Following Orders The importance of following orders is because it is part of and falls under the seven army...
    Words: 1118 — Pages: 5
  • Importance Of Following Orders
    orders can directly lead to the success or failure of a given mission. Which is why there is a great importance behind a soldiers ability to follow lawful orders...
    Words: 692 — Pages: 3
  • Why Is It Important To Follow Orders
    you are given an order , you have one choice , and that's to obey it. It is important to follow orders. Why is it important to follow orders? In the military...
    Words: 959 — Pages: 4
  • How Important Was The Formation Of The Red Army As
    The white army were the anti-Bolsheviks and the Green Army were national minorities fighting for independence. The formation of the Red Army was important as reason...
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  • It Is Important To Follow Fashion
    It is important to follow fashion. Do you agree? Modern society obviously leads human beings to various demands such as technologies, entertainments, and...
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  • Importance Of Foreign Objects Damage In Aviation Army
    Army $5.3 million (U.S. Army, 1980). A follow-up study conducted between the fiscal years of 2002 and 2006 revealed that FOD cost the U.S. Army ... and most importantly...
    Words: 1047 — Pages: 5
  • Importance Of Being On Time
    importance of following a direct order Last night at final formation the company was directly ... was given a direct and I broke it being a part of the regular army...
    Words: 396 — Pages: 2
  • Is It Important To Follow National And International Events In The News
    to marketing as well. It also depends on how many audience have a program and how important is to add an events in the news rather than do it in other specific media...
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  • Importance Of Following Procedures In Nursing
    With this in mine and as a final example, are the fall prevention procedures. At first perform hand hygiene. After this introduce yourself to patient, including...
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  • Sjdlak
    The importance of following a direct order is to be able to accomplish the mission safely and correctly. It also shows discipline to follow a direct order even...
    Words: 417 — Pages: 2
  • Should Milgram’s Experiments On Obedience Even Have Been Conducted? Consider The Ethics Of The Experiments...
    read the first word of each pair followed by four terms. The learners ... of persons obeyed orders. Obedience is ... war, the British Army deployed missiles long before...
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  • Frames Of Refernce
    to excess both good and bad foods which in turn creates our diseases. The following program has been tested and approved since 1940 in all sections of the world as...
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  • The Use Of Police Force
    follow with my personal view. Pro The use of police force is necessary in order ... The use of police force is highly important and can make a huge difference in society...
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  • Supporting Personal Care
    Describe why is it important to focus on maximising ... their personal care: * Following the individual plan. ... the individual preferences. In order to find out why...
    Words: 10759 — Pages: 44
  • Human Resource
    to follow the directive orders of your boss, which is often followed ... source of competitive advantage where it is important to hire and retain the right people...
    Words: 3215 — Pages: 13
  • Pda Health And Social Care Supervision Assessment
    directions and that junior staff understand the importance of following the directions ... of all order forms including the residents monthly incontinence product order...
    Words: 909 — Pages: 4
  • Angels
    descending order of importance: * Archangels: This is the elite corps of God's murdering army, often charged with Very Important Tasks on His direct orders, like...
    Words: 1995 — Pages: 8
  • Changing Sides
    to be unnecessarily difficult, and often intimidating, it is important to follow up in order to allow that officer psychological assistance and to safeguard the...
    Words: 424 — Pages: 2
  • Jp Morgan Chase's Slavement
    slaves to work 24/7 without payment, abusing them if they dont follow the direct order and letting them died slowly without giving them any food. African-American...
    Words: 1558 — Pages: 7
  • Case Study
    directions to the students is by giving them examples of what would happen if they didnt follow the teachers directions. It important to follow the directions...
    Words: 352 — Pages: 2
  • Description Of My Organization
    The Chief executive, Mr. Smikniar, makes all the important decisions and gives direct orders. He manages individual workloads, time schedules and quality...
    Words: 816 — Pages: 4
  • Following Orders
    following orders apply to? Well if Im not mistaken everyone in armed services have to follow the orders and directions...
    Words: 845 — Pages: 4
  • Following Direction
    following direction in the day to day workplace. This is important ... direct order...
    Words: 677 — Pages: 3
  • Following Orders
    follow them because they are what helps us learn whats right from wrong. Following orders is very important...
    Words: 651 — Pages: 3
  • Word Order, Implications And Importance In Translation
    order, implications and importance in translation A word order language? What does that mean? It means that in the English language, the order ... as follows: Make...
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  • Draft Following Orders
    why it is important for a soldier to follow the orders they are given is to be combat effective, disciplined. Following orders also instill discipline...
    Words: 490 — Pages: 2
  • Police Order 2002
    The following Order promulgated by the Chief Executive is hereby published for general information:- CHIEF EXECUTIVES ORDER NO. 22 OF 2002 AN ORDER to...
    Words: 23305 — Pages: 94

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PFC Ashe, Thomas

Charlie 447 Signal Battalion

Fort Gordon, GA

February 1st, 2014

Importance Of Following Orders

In order to be successful in any career one must be able to listen and take to heart the importance of what they are learning and doing throughout their lives; this has significance in both the military and civilian life. In order to do that you must follow whatever your superiors say, like when you are at your civilian job and your boss tells you to clean the bathroom. You have to be able to just do what you’re told so the job gets done, and you are also seen as a trustworthy employee. On the military side, it is self discipline. When an Non commissioned officer tells you to get something done there…show more content…

I feel the army values have a big role in rules and regulations because if you follow the values you will not stray off in being disobedient.

It's very important to follow directions, or else the world would be in chaos. When someone tells you that you must follow directions so that everything can go in an orderly fashion, it's important do because they know what's going to happen if you don't. It's important to follow directions because if you don't something can go wrong, it's important follow directions because if you don't you'll get in trouble, and it's also important to follow directions because if you don't you'll be writing this essay too.

The mission we have here at Dixon Hall is to train to become Military Occupational Specialty Qualified. Therefore; when we are told to go to study hall, it is probably for a reason. Considering some of these classes that we are going through are not suppose to be this short it is important to go to study hall so we can have as much time as physically possible on the equipment we are learning. Packet Tracer can only help so much but when it comes to taking the test it is on real equipment. We are not here to do what we want and have fun, we are here to learn and be able to perform our job. In combat situations and deployments we are expected to know what we are doing but if we don’t pay attention to what we are learning in school we will not be able to perform.

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