Law 531 Week 3 Assignment


5. To prove his or her due diligence defense under the Securities Act Section 11 with regard to audited financial statements, an officer of the issuer must prove which of the following?

a) The officer had no intent to misstate or omit a material fact in the audited financial statements. b) The officer had no reason to believe the financial statements omitted or misstated a material fact. c) The officer made a reasonable investigation into the accuracy of the audited financial statements. d) The officer believed the financial statements did not omit or misstate a material fact.


 _________ is the plaintiff’s voluntary consent to a known danger.

a) Negligence per se b) Comparative negligence c) Assumption of risk d) Contributory negligence

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7. Calvin tells Sara that he will sell her his car for $5,000. Sara agrees. The exchange is to take place in 10 days. The contract between Calvin and Sara is now _____.

a) bilateral, executory, and implied b) bilateral, executed, and voidable c) unilateral, executory, and valid d) bilateral, executory, and express

8. Which of the following is true about a sole proprietorship?

a) A sole proprietorship is a legal entity. b) A sole proprietorship cannot sue or be sued.

CONTRACTS AND INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY 2 Contracts and Intellectual Property There are many variations of non-disclosure agreements. According to Nicole Opkins with the Association of Corporate Counsel, (2010), there are four types of non-disclosure agreements: one way, mutual, employment, and non-complete. Each type of agreement has its own separate obligations for each party. Depending on the type of agreement will state with non-disclosure agreement is needed to suffice one or both parties. The agreements can range from a brief clause in a contract to a much more complex and lengthy clause for the protection of an individual’s or company’s intellectual property. When drafting a non-disclosure clause for intellectual property, the language needs to be strong and as clear as possible. This ensures both parties have a clear understanding of what is protected and distinct obligations to the non-disclosure agreement. Intellectual property is any product of the human intellect that the law protects from unauthorized use by others which creates a limited monopoly in the protected property. Intellectual property is traditionally comprised of four categories: patent , copyright , trademark , and trade secrets (Legal Information Institute, n.d., para 1). “Intellectual property law varies greatly across jurisdictions; therefore, choose your governing law clause carefully when entering into an non-disclosure agreement, to ensure that your IP is properly protected” (Opkins, 2010). For the sake of argument, let us assume the company you are employed with is in the process of obtaining a patent for a modification to an aircraft component that enhances the aircraft’s performance capabilities. To ensure the enhancement is retained by the company, they require all employees associated with the production (or with the working knowledge) to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

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