Tales Of Legendia Chloe Titles For Essays

The following is a list of titles available to Chloe Valens from Tales of Legendia.

Title Name
Girl Knight
Shoujo Kenshi
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Cranky Knight
Tsuntsun Kenshi
0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0
Sinking Knight
Kanadzuchi Kenshi
0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0
Mooching Knight
Isourou Kenshi
10 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Romance Knight
Otome-gokoro Kenshi
0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0
Nervous Knight
Sunao ni Narenai Kenshi
0 5 0 0 0 0 0 0
Sister Knight
Natsukare Kenshi
0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0
Out All Knight
Asagaeri Kenshi
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1
Dreaming Girl
Yumemiru Shoujo
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2
  • complete the Berry and Mckenzie (Love-Love) sidequest
  • visit the heart-shaped house on the eastern side of Werites Beacon at the following times:
    • Chapter 5: before heading to the lighthouse in Werites Beacon
    • Chapter 7: before heading to the Wings of Light
    • Character Quest Introduction: during the first return to Werites Beacon
    • Character Quest Will Raynard: before heading to the town gate
    • Character Quest Interlude: before heading to Will's house
    • Character Quest Chloe Valens: before leaving town
Punch Line
0 0 0 0 0 0 3 0
  • obtain the "Paper Fan" (ハリセン,Harisen?)sword
Masked One
Kamen no Hito
0 0 0 3 3 0 0 0
  • obtain the "Skeleton Mask" (骸骨の仮面,Gaikotsu no Kamen?)helmet
Lesser Knight
Kakyuu Kishi
20 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
  • reach level 20 with Chloe
Greater Knight
Joukyuu Kishi
30 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
  • reach level 40 with Chloe
Royal Guard
0 20 0 0 0 0 0 0
  • reach level 60 with Chloe
0 25 0 0 0 0 0 0
  • reach level 80 with Chloe
Knight of Legend
50 25 0 0 0 0 0 0
  • reach level 100 with Chloe
Combo Newbie
Combo Shoshinsha
0 0 3 0 0 0 0 0
  • participate in a combo of at least 10 hits with Chloe
  • the combo must not end the battle
Combo Yuudansha
40 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
  • participate in a combo of at least 30 hits with Chloe
  • the combo must not end the battle
Combo Expert
Combo Tatsujin
0 25 0 0 0 0 0 0
  • participate in a combo of at least 60 hits with Chloe
  • the combo must not end the battle
Combo Master
Combo Menkyokaiden
50 25 0 0 0 0 0 0
  • participate in a combo of at least 100 hits with Chloe
  • the combo must not end the battle
Extravagant Finish
Kareinaru Finish
0 15 3 0 0 0 0 0
  • finish a battle using a Climax Combo while controlling Chloe
Rain Down
Ame Arare
0 0 0 0 0 0 4 0
  • inflict "Guard Break" five times while controlling Chloe
Crimson Rose
0 0 0 0 3 3 0 0
  • begin the battle with four female party members
30 0 5 0 0 0 0 0
  • begin the battle with four iron eren
40 0 4 0 0 0 0 0
  • defeat at least five enemies in one battle with Chloe
One-Shot Kill
Ichigeki Hissatsu
0 0 3 0 3 0 0 0
  • finish a battle using a Climax Combo with Chloe dealing the final blow
Iron Master
Artes-kei Seiha
50 0 5 0 0 0 0 0
  • master all eres with Chloe
Soul Edge
50 0 5 0 0 0 5 0
  • clear the Single Advanced Battle Arena matches with Chloe


Tales Of Legendia Faq / Walkthrough

GamerevolutionWednesday, March 28 2007

                    [- T A L E S  of  L E G E N D I A -]

                       by: Paul Michael ( Vhayste )
                         email: vhayste@gmail.com
                                 NA VERSION


I just finished my faq for Ace Combat Zero and since the dogfights kinda wore
me down, I decided to make a faq for this wonderful RPG. Im played AC ZERO and
ToL both at the same time so I think I can concentrate on finishing my own
faq for this game. I will try to make this as spoiler-free as possible, and
in any instance that it cant be avoided, I'll just mark it before hand to
not ruin your game. I'll just address the game as "ToL" throughout this
walkthrough. Im not going in detail just like describing what EXACTLY will
happen in the cutscenes but I will include directions on getting items along
the way as much as possible. With regard to the puzzles in the game, they're
not that hard and the game offers aid if you spent a lot of time on a specific
puzzle. In that case, my walkthrough DOES NOT include puzzle booth solutions.
This will ensure that you'll enjoy the game as you want it to. Im working as a
tech support rep and Im creating this faq while working so I have limited time
to check my emails and reply to people. I cant answer questions via emails, so
if you have questions not found in this faq, just go to the Gamefaqs gaming
boards for ToL.We got a lot of helpful people out there.


Version 1.0
May 26-30, 2006

--main faq finished
--main quest walkthrough finished
--pending update for character quests

Version 1.1
May 31, 2006

--added sidequests
--finished character quests for Will, Norma,
the Interlude and Chloe

Version 1.2
June 2, 2006

--finished remaining cq's
--included rare items/ monsters to be found
on a particular area
--included grade shops, weapons, armors

Version 1.3
June 3, 2006

--finished remaining parts of the faq.
--last version.


This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without the author's permission. Please email me just in case you
wish to post this faq to your site.

No part of this faq may be reproduced in any form. This is protected by
copyright and any violations will be dealt legally.


Senel Coolidge, an "eren", was drifting in the misty ocean on a small boat
with his younger sister Shirley. As food ran out and their strength
deteriorated, an island suddenly burst through the mist and approached the boat with astonishing
speed, engulfing it with perilous waves. When Senel and Shirley awoke on the
shore, they realized this was no ordinary island. Its surface was covered in
lush forests teeming with life, but despite its appearance, the ground that
stretched out before them was actually an enormous ship called the Legacy..



THE WORLD -- Aboard the Legacy, is massive array of constantly changing
landscape and shrouded in mystery. Just like a normal RPG, you need to
interact with people to get hints about your mission and proceed with the

Scattered around the world are treasure chests that obviously, contains
goodies, healing points that recover your party completely, save points
to save your progress in the game, "ducts" that serve as teleporters
for each new town or dungeon you visit, etc. Keep a good eye for them.

The map is only available when you are outside the town and dungeon. You can
check out your current location by pressing R3.

DUNGEONS, PUZZLE BOOTHS -- you need to clear dungeons as part of the main
quests. Also midway inside, you'll encounter puzzle booths in the form of
green ducts. You need to solve the puzzles before proceeding. In case you get
stuck, just press start and have somebody from your team to do it for you.
You'll miss one title for senel by doing this however.

MONSTERS -- Monsters can only be encountered on the world map and dungeons.
They are your source of EXP and money that is actually mandatory for your
progress. They appear randomly when you walk in those said areas.

BATTLES -- Battles must be fought to gain new abilities and develop your
characters. The battle system in ToL is ACTIVE. Not to mention that the actual
battle system itself allows you to attack, block, move, perform combos with
skills you can assign to your command buttons, pretty much like a fighting
game. You may issue commands to your party members to use items and cast
spells. They will act for themselves and you will only be able to control
Senel. If all your team members die in battle, its game over.

SKILLS -- Skills are called "ERES". It is considered as a "blessing" from
the Nerifes. IRON eres are utilized by fighters. Characters come along with
default "base" eres. Use them frequently in battles to gain enough "skill
points" (50 points to master a skill, every use of the skill counts as 1 pt)
After mastering some skills or attaining certain levels, your fighters can
learn "arcane" eres, usually a combination of two "base" ereses. Eventually,
you can combine them a more powerful "compound" eres, usually combination of
arcane and base ereses.

Crystal Eres is used by spellcasters. Mastering thier skills are diffrent from
the fighters. Instead of the usage frequency of the skill, they need to
collect a certain amount of "ERES STONES", which are dropped by monsters.
Each monster drops particular eres stones .
Spellcasters learn new "scrolls" after reaching a certain level or after
having particular skills unlocked/mastered. You can see the new skill
however, you will not be able to use it until you meet the required amount of
eres stones from required monsters.

CLIMAX MODE -- Its like a "super mode" that freezes time and leave your
enemies open to your party's attacks . You can fill the "climax" gauge when
you attack and you're damaged. Press L1 to initiate climax mode. Mode ends
only when all enemies are defeated or gauge runs out. Also, you can do a
"climax combo", in which all your party members will launch a combined attack
for massive damage. Press L1 again while in climax mode to initiate this.
Climax gauge will be empty after the attack.

ITEMS / EQUIPMENTS -- Integral part of every game. From recovery items to
stat boosting equipments, you need to make sure you have upgraded and stocked
up before venturing out. Its always bad news if you ran out of neccesary
items in the middle of nowhere or crappy equipments against a major battle..
They can be acquired mainly by opening treasure chests and monster drops.
Red chests contains consumable items whilst Purple chests contain equipments.

BAKING -- In this game, you will need to collect recipes as well proper
ingredients to bake breads. They can be used only outside the battle. They
affect all members in your party which is pretty useful if youre deep inside
a tough dungeon. You will learn basic recipes but eventually unlocking more
by baking 10 breads of the same type. You can also get recipes by finding Mimi
disguised as diffrent moving, strange objects throughout the towns and

BOOKS -- A part of your in-game menu that allows you to view records for
your recipes, collected items, and most of all, the main logs. They often
give clues about what you need to do next. Not to mention that since the
characters themselves write those records, the way they keep logs is a bit
interestingly funny sometimes.

CONTROLS -- I will not go to the details since this part is a pretty obvious
topic. Make sure that you familiarize yourself with the controls.

GRADE -- You are graded for each battle you win and the conditions on winning
the battle.Examples are: end battle with full hp/tp, used climax mode or combo,
performed a combo, attacked enemy with weak/strong element, amount of damage
taken, character/player KO'd, ended battle with status effect, etc.
Usually, the faster you defeat an enemy with full hp/tp, less/no damage taken,
performed a normal/climax combo nets higher grades.
Grades are used in post game specialties you can buy.



                            Senel Coolidge

Age: 17
Height: 5'7
Weight: 130 pounds
Nickname: (according to Norma) "SENNY"
Weapon type: Fists

A skilled fighter weilding the iron eres, he became an Alliance Marine at a
very young age. Strong-willed and highly focused, he never backs out of a
commitment, no matter the circumstances. A war orphan, he only had his
"sister" Shirley as family. Drawn accidentally to the Legacy for some
reason, he strives to protect Shirley at all costs.

Quote: "Sorry, I forgot to go easy on you"


                            Shirley Fennes

Age: 15
Height: 5' 1"
Weight: 90 pounds
Nickname: (according to Norma) "Shirl"
Weapon type: ?

Shirley constantly worries about the dangers her brother faces. Delicate
and frail, she is allergic to ocean water and even sea breezes. Due to
her introverted nature, others often view her as quiet and ephemeral,
ut her sense of determination knows no equal. Her life is thrown into chaos
when people suspect that she is a descendant of the Merines, a line said to
have reigned over the Legacy long ago, because of her unique trait of being
able to breathe underwater (freshwater) and her hair changing to color blue.

Quote: "Senel, are you okay?"


                             Will Raynard

Age: 28
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 168 pounds
Nickname: (according to Norma) "Teach"
Weapon type: Hammer

Will Raynard is the first person Senel encounters on the Legacy. A trustworthy
man, he has put his crystal eres abilities to good use. A born scholar and
historian, he is deeply drawn to the Legacy's mysteries and vauge history.
Sometimes strict and sometimes gentle, his experience, leadership skills and
ability to make hard decisions serve the party well.

Quote: "Every drop of blood in training is less blood dropped in battle"


                            Chloe Valens

Age: 17
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 108 pounds
Nickname: (according to Norma) "C"
Weapon type: Sword

A practitioner of iron eres, this young girl has an extraordinary talent for
wielding the sword. Coming from a family of once distingushed knights from
the kingdom of Gadoria, bearing the name Valens gives her the conviction
of enforcing justice and peace. Her true intentions boarding the Legacy is
revealed during the game. She has developed strong feelings for Senel and
usually gets jealous about Shirley.

Quote: "Those wounds, remember them"


                           Norma Beatty

Age: 16
Height: 5' 2"
Weight: 95 pounds
Nickname: (according to Moses) "Bubbles"
Weapon type: Straw

A practitioner of crystal eres, this young girl is a treasure hunter that
Senel's party encounters on their journey. She came to the Legacy in search
of "the Everlight" - a miraculous artifact that grants its wielder any wish
imaginable. Cheerful and comical, she banters with those around her and
occasionally pokes fun at herself in order to get a good laugh. She enjoys
giving people nicknames reserved for only her to use.

Quote: "Norma's the best, ever, yay!"


                           Moses Sandor

Age: 17
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 146 pounds
Nickname: (according to Norma) "Red"
Weapon type: Spear

An iron eres practitioner is always accompanied by Giet - his pet Galf
(a type of beast). The notorious leader of a clan of mountain bandits aboard
the Legacy, Moses Sandor leads his large band of outlaws in raids across the
surrounding lands. He views Giet and his outlaw followers as his own family,
and will lay down his life to protect them.

Quote: "Im just that strong!"


                               J A Y

Age: 16
Height: 5' 1"
Weight: 104 pounds
Nickname: (according to Norma) "JJ"
Weapon type: Dagger

A master analysist, he always calmly observes events from the sidelines and
often serves as a strategist and tactician. Not exactly the social type, he
frequently infuriates others with his sarcastic remarks. He seems to harbor
a special contempt for Moses, who he constantly calls "stupid". Jay is also
fond of the Oresoren, a group of talking otters that treats him with great

Quote: "You can try to catch up on me"


                             G R U N E

Age: Unknown
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 117 pounds
Nickname: (according to Norma) "G-Girl"
Weapon type: Urn

A mysterious girl possesses the ability to infuse in others a warm feeling
of inner peace and tranquility no matter what the circumstances. The only
memory she has is that of her name, yet this fact does not dispirit her
and she can always be found smiling gently. Never upset or disturbed, she
just might be the most fearless and beautiful person in the party; as well
as the most clueless.

Quote: (puts hand inside the vase) "... Oh, my hand's stuck..."


                          [ W A L K T H R O U G H ]

                                  MAIN QUEST


I recommend to watch the opening movie. Anyways, watch the scenes with Senel
and Shirley on the boat. After some conversations, you will be thrown to your
first battle.

Nothing special here. Just get accustomed to the actual battle system.

After the battle, -cutscene-, you'll find yourself on a beach, actually
aboard the Legacy. Watch the scenes, after shirley is taken by a bandit,
you will be talking to Will, who in turn joins you to pursue the bandit.

[-C H A P T E R - 1 ]                    "I N  P U R S U I T"


  Follow the path and left to the stairs to find a chest. Save your game then
proceed. On the next screen, you will be introduced to a "wonderbaker". After
the cutscene, you will now have recipes to bake breads. Just continue on the
path and there would be a little conversation between Senel and Will. Moving
on, continue to the path and take the stairs to get to a chest. Head back to
the next screen. You'll see another chest and a healing point. Just continue
the path gathering items along the way until you reach town.

                           - () -- () -- () -


Reaching town, there'll be a conversation, then you can control Senel again.
Wander around the town to get used to the area. To continue with the story,
head to the fountain, just keep on going north wherever you are. A cutscene
will occur. Just watch the really entertaining presentation. You will get
into trouble and eventually, Will will need to interfere and knock you out.

You'll wake up in a jailcell. You will learn more about Will, and the old lady
will eventually convince Will to join you. He joins your party now. Head out.

There is an oven that you can use to bake, and also an apple gum by the
bookselves. Head out, there would be a minor cutscene, then head south to the
exit of the town.

Outside the town, you will learn about ducts. From your position, just head
north to reach a small cottage. Enter.

                            - () -- () -- () -


Talk to man inside to learn about the topics you need in the long run.
Otherwise, just head out, do some battles to level up and gain some money,
before heading to the mountains..

When you're ready, just head northeast to the next place

                             - () -- () -- () -


Inside, you will see a dark, watery field. Those are fields that has high
encounter rate and enemies are indeed stronger/. Your reward would  be some
really good items.

Follow the path , save, until you reach a bridge. Cutscene. After that, you
will have a fight. This is a story battle. Just play around,cause this will end

After that, more cutscenes. Once you gain control again, head down for the
chest, then go back up. Head left to the dark field and down to get an item.
Go back, head north until you reach a save point. Go south and examine the
paper thingy to find Mimi again. After that, continue north and around the
bridges. Follow this path until you exit to the world map.

Outside, just follow the dirt path until you reach a duct. You can go
back in town to resupply or upgrade your gears otherwise just enter Bandit's

                              - () -- () -- () -


Scene with Moses. Once you gain control again, get the item and enter the
black fields for more goodies. Continue to the next screen, another scene.
Will joins you again after that just follow the path upstairs and exit the
room. You will be introduced to Chloe Valens. After a brief conversation,
scene will shift to Shirley and Moses.

After gaining control, go thru the dark field to get Leather Boots. Continue
down the path until you reach some stairs going up. Go north until you find
a huge wooden door. Go left and up the stairs.

Moses will show up and will run off. Follow him until you reach a duct. Enter
and you will be taken to a "puzzle booth". You will encounter several of these
during the course of the game. This is an easy puzzle so just arrange the
blocks so that you can reach the other end. Just remember you can push
button just in case you screwed yourself up.

After that, you'll find the room Shirley is held. Senel will try to break it
but to no avail. You will need to get the key from Moses, on the adjacent room.
Make sure you save then meet him on the other room.


-Moses-       -Giet-
HP 2194       HP 2852

This is a tough battle if you are unprepared. You need to take out Giet first
since he has more Hp and faster. Dont forget to use your climax gauge to
take out these two. Guard when you can. Just mind your hp. Always keep it
above 50%. Eventually, once one of them is down, the other is a joke.

You will get the key after some conversation with Moses. When you go to
Shirley's room, you will find the same guy that sent the demon clinging
Shirley away. And also, you'll get the chance to see the lair under attack
by a group of soldiers. Moses runs off, Csaba will assist you to the Lair's
rear exit. Go back to where the large wooden door is then leave after some
scenes. You will get a hint to go to the crystal forest.  
Save and go 12:00 with your current direction

                            - () -- () -- () -


Once inside the forest, you'll encounter a young lady being chased by a
large creature. Go left to find a chest then go back and take the other
direction until you come across some dar fields. Cross through them and
grab the chests on the other side. Follow the path til you reach
the next screen. Head left for a few more chests and continue north. Go
left once you get the chance and you'll eventually reach a save point. Save
then follow the path north and you'll run into the young woman again.
After a short scene.. boss battle.

HP 5055

Be careful with this one. Although not as challenging as Giet and Moses, you
must not let your guard down. This monster can bind you, in effect, you'll take
multiple hits before being knocked down. You'll definitely need to use
climax here. Again, mind your HP and you should do fine.

The mischievous chick will introduce herself as Norma Beatty. She will invite
you to join "her" party, however she will be ignored and your party will
continue forth. Go down after the battle to find a chest. Head back up and
follow the path for another chest. Go north to find another one and just
follow the path until you reach the next screen.

After that, you will encounter a dead end. Just watch the scene. After that
you will acquire Collector's Book and Will recieves a new title.

There would be a few more chests left. Backtrack to get them and once you're
done, just follow the newly opened passageway. Follow the path and you'll
end up out in the world map,

Dont bother to open the cottage here, since its still locked. Follow the coast
to the east to reach the Secret Passage. Updated places will appear red on the
map. Open the duct. You can return to Werites Beacon to resupply or if you're
good to go, enter the Secret Passage.

                              - () -- () -- () -


Cutscene between Shirley and ??? man. Your party tries to follow however
the door cant be opened by normal means. Norma finds a way to open it.

Go down the stairs then left to find a chest. Backtrack and go down the
stairs some more. Get the Gladius past the dark field and continue on
until you get to the save point. Head to the next screen to find the man.
After the conversation, you will fight the ??? man. (cant find suitable alias
for him)

This is a scripted fight, so just play around. After the fight, a pillar beside
Shirley will fall and the man will save her. The path behind you caved in but
you can still go back to get the four items. Go to the next screen, get the
item past the dark field and continue down until you reach a green duct.

You guessed it right. A puzzle booth is ahead of you.

You now be able to use the Sorcerer's Ring. You need to light up the crystals
using the ring. Press R2 to shoot a beam of light. You can only use the ring
inside puzzle booths. After that, the ring disappears.

After getting out of the puzzle booth, walk a bit to get a cutscene in which
your party encounters a talking otter. After the short scene, get the item
your right then head to the door. Another cute scene takes place, then you'll
be in control again.

Examine the area thouroughly. Also, examine the odd looking statue to get
another recipe from Mimi. There is also a restore and save point on the
northern part of this dungeon.

Exit and you will be inside the 2nd part of the Secret Passage. Head down to
get 2 items, then go across the bridge to get 2 items past dark fields. Follow
the path to find 2 more chests. Cross this bridge and go south to the next
floor. Go down the stairs unto the rails then go south for 2 more items.
Now head north out of this area. The next area is sealed.

A long conversation takes place, until finally the pathway was opened.

The area is straightforward from here. Just follow the path, grab the items
along the way. Save when you reach the save point then go to the next screen.


After the cutscene, you will be already out of the passage but the "L.L Demon"
still caught up with you. Agitated by the sunlight, the beast attacks you.

HP 6549

Not a hard fight at all. Just attack and heal, you should do fine.


Senel and Shirley will just leave without anybody noticing. Senel will be the
only one fighting now. Just follow the path to get an item. Get past the dark
field to get a Ringmail. Just continue forth, heal then save.

You'll run into a group of soldiers lead by one villain. -Cutscene-    
Shirley taken and Senel thrown out to the cliff.

                            - () -- () -- () -



After that, you will need to go back to Werites Beacon. Grab the items then
head out. Watch the cutscenes as Chapter 1 ends.

[-C H A P T E R - 2 ]              "J U S T  O U T  O F  R E A C H"

You will start Ch2 on the world map. Go westward, past those mountains to
reach Werites Beacon.


Harriet will ask you to bring her to Will's place. New items is available
on shops, just check them out if you want to. Anyways, head to will's house.
You will find Will and Chloe talking. There would be a short scene and you
will be taken to Will's house.


Will and Chloe team's up. Senel tries to tag along but was immediately turned
down because of what he did. Go outside and Norma will talk to you. Another
short scene. Norma joins you and you need to go to the fountain. Once there,
you will run with Curtis and Isabella.. almost gonna start to fight yet Norma
tells them Senel's story. The two secedes.

-scene shifts to shirley, while locked up-

Back to Senel, you will discover that Will and Chloe will go to the Port-on-
rage. Follow them. The port is nearby the town. Pretty obvious so you wont miss

                           - () -- () -- () -



After the scene, collect all the items available, then talk to the guy that
offered you a boat.

-another scene-

after the scenes, you will be taken to the Crags.

                            - () -- () -- () -


USe the restoration and save points available. Head to the next screen. Gather
the items scattered around the area. Keep heading left and go through dark
fields for more chests. Keep going left until you see another Otter.
Coincidentally, this small fella is connected to the otter you met back in the
secret passage. He infroms you about his sub sunk by an underwater "goat". You
will then need to escort him to his village.

Continue moving on, grab the chests behind the next dark fields. Then head
south to grab more items. On the next screen, use the healing point then save,
if needed. Go through the next black field for another set of chests. Head
north, then left then another dark field. Continue until you reach the next
area, then head south for another item. Grab the other chest southwest, then
continue north for a cutscene/ boss battle.

HP 7181

Not much of a battle. Just attack and when you see him performing/charging up
for an attack, guard. You can also manually command Norma to cast spells time
to time while you hack and slash. Just keep an eye for both of your HP.

After that, the path is kind of straight forward. Just go north through the
dark fields then left to exit the area.

You'll come across a boat, take it to reach the Oresoren Village. After
reaching shore, head north and there would be another scene. You will meet Jay,
the unseen. After the scenes, head to the cave, take the stairs down then right
to get an item. Backtrack then left to reach the next screen.

                          - () -- () -- () -


There will be scene, regarding Harriet and Will, then eventually, prompting
the kid to run off into the village.

After that, you can rest free by the inn on your right, then head north.
Check out the shops to upgrade equipment and restock inventory. You can also
find Mimi disguised as Pacman, by the docks on the left part of the screen to
get another recipe.

Head right then up to reach Jay's house, beside a save point and a chest.
Watch the scene to gain info about your next mission. After its done, head out.
After some conversation, Will and Chloe will join your party again.

Exit the village then activate the duct. Just follow the path and cross some
bridges. You will find another duct. Activate it and enter the Waterways.

                          - () -- () -- () -


Jay and the otters will be waiting for you inside. Scenes will follow. Just
watch them. (watch out for Moses' laugh line, hehe). You will end up inside
the Waterways.

Just follow the path and grab the chests, heading to the next screen.
Shirley and Fenimore are cornered by a couple of enemy guards. After downing
them, there would be a short conversation. Melanie (the "horny" girl) shows up
opens the watergate and unleashes a powerful turrent of water, sweeping your
party away. Just watch the cutscenes that follow.

As soon as you gain control, open chest then head up to meet with Will and
Norma. Also another scene occurs concerning Shirley and her companions.

After that go and heal up, then save. Follow the path and grab the chest along
the way. Go down the stairs, then right and through the dark field for an item.
Go down then right to reach the next screen. Open the chests behind the dark
fields. Take the path where it arcs and go to the right. Get the item behind
the dark field. Head back to the left, then down, and go through another dark
field again for another chest. Keep going down until you reach next area.

Head south and then past the black field for a chest containing 3000 Gald.
Head north and you'll get a scene where you bump into Moses.
Once you regain control, continue on down the path to find a duct leading to
the next puzzle booth.

No need for special solutions here. Try to light the all crystals in the room
as needed. Remember to use the reflectors to light crystals that cant be
reached normally. Once done, exit.

Head down for a chest and then proceed to the right to reach the next screen.
Grab the chest then go back to the left, walk further down. Go through the
dark field on the right and up the stairs to get an item.  Head around
the path for another chest and follow the path until you reach the
next screen. Scenes will occur.

Go down and open the chest and follow the path around for a scene. Senel will
open up a secret room but only finds Fenimore and a wounded Walter. A brief
conversation will occur.

After that, use the healing and save points outside the secret room. Head to
the next screen. You will catch up with Melanie but she will flee, leaving
a pet behind. Boss battle.

HP 7609

This monster has high defense and could stand against your attacks. He has
an attack that could knock you down, so be cautious. Anyways due to his heavy
armor, this enemy moves slowly. Just try to attack and guard after a couple of
combos. Dont hesitate using climax mode if needed. Just have Will and Norma
spam healing and attack spells from the back lines.

After the battle, there would be another cutscene. After that, you'll have
Moses as your 5th party member.

End of Chapter 2.

                            - () -- () -- () -

[-C H A P T E R - 3 ]            " A  F A T E F U L  E N C O U N T E R"

You need to take a long walk to reach ruins of frozen light. Just check your
map every so often to know where you are. To start off, just follow the path,
until you reach another duct. Activate it, save then enter.


Just watch the scene. Jay relays valuable info in which your party agrees.
The next destination at this moment forth would be the Great Hollow. Exit the
place, then head west to reach the Hollow.


Watch the scene and examine the platform. It will bring you down to the lower
level. Go through the dark field to get a weapon for Chloe. Head back to the
split, go up then left for a chest. Go back again to the split, go right,
get another item. Follow the path and go through another dark field. Open the
chest to get a new weapon for Senel. Go back down and continue to the path.
Get the item and continue until you reach a savepoint. Save then head to the
next elevator. Examine to head down.

Head to the left for a couple of chests, then head back to the elevator,
proceed right and down for another chest. Follow the path left, then head up.
Grab item, continue with the path until you reach the last elevator down.

Finally, you're at the bottom of the hollow, beside a wonderfully clear river.
A conversation will transpire between your party members, then a cutscene will
occur with Shirley and Vaclav.

After that, head left to the next screen. The mechanic otter, Poppo will meet
your party and invite you inside.

                          - () -- () -- () -


Open the chests outside the workshop. The otter on the left of the entrance
sells items, a leather cape accesory and some ingredients. The otter on the
right allows you to rest for free. Heal up, then enter the workshop.

The otter genius will reveal a wooden sub. Chloe freaks out to learn that
they'll need to go through an underwater cavern to reach the Ruins. To
increase the intial 10% chance of success, Poppo requires you to obtain a
horn from a grand gaet.

On your way out, examine the traffic cone to recieve another recipe from the
clumsy baker Mimi. Save then head out.

Head right to the "boneyard", and you will have a cutscene. Soon after, you'll
be thrown to a boss battle.

HP 22000

Yes, he may have a lot of HP and deals a fair amount of damage. You would like
to have Chloe attack with her new sword, because it has "poison" as an
additional status effect. Just make sure that you have him stay away from your
spellcasters and you guard whenver possible. This will take a while, depending
on how your characters are leveled up. Again, Climax mode is a great help here,
just keep your healers alive, and your hp afloat.

Poppo will arrive and will apologize to the "Great One" for the trouble and
will just ask for the horn. After the rather funky reply from the Gaet, you
will acquire the horn.

Watch some scenes as Jay will take time to finish the preparations for the sub.
When youre ready just set off. You can only watch the conversation as you
travel underwater, and ha, Chloe tries to stay calm. After that, your sub
starts to fill in water. Fortunately you were able to make it.

                           - () -- () -- () -


Head inside the ruins. Norma will open the door in a scene.

Go back to the ruins and take the other door. Head right, get past the dark
fields and grab the item on the other end. Head back to the entrance and this
time, head left until you reach a chest. Follow the path up.

Go left to get 2 items. Go back and up past the dark field to get another item.
Go back and go right then up to find another 2 items. Keep going to the right
to the next screen. Get throught the dark fields and go back down then left,
then down. Examine the switch. Go back up and go to the left. Save, continue up
to get to another puzzle booth.

You need to light the crystals using the ring. You just need to move blocks to
way and get into position to light up the crystals. This shouldnt be no problem
at all.

Follow the path and to reach another boss.

HP 25916

This could be a tough battle. Well, use the same tactic as before. Make sure
that you keep your hp above 1/2. Do not attack aggressively. Try to guard after
every combo and dont hesitate to use items if necessary. Climax mode and combo
can help a lot. Have your casters abuse healing and offensive attacks. After
a while, he should go down.

Go up, and get another cutscene. Vaclav will appear. Just goof around though,
this battle is UNWINNABLE.

Watch another set of scenes, then eventually, you will be in the Forest of
No Return.

                           - () -- () -- () -


This place is a maze. If you have a hard time navigating the place, Moses will
offer help. You will miss other items and a title for Senel though..

Anyways, if you want to, you can just use the directions.

>From your starting position, go RIGHT, UP, then LEFT. Get item, then LEFT.

>Go LEFT,then UP. Save your game. Proceed to the RIGHT.

>Go UP, then RIGHT.

>Cutscene, go UP for an item, RIGHT for another chest, then keep going to
the right.

>Grab the item, go RIGHT for another chest, go back to the split and
go UP.  You can shop from the merchant in case you need to restock.  
Go to the RIGHT.

>Go to the RIGHT.

>Cutscene, go UP and LEFT

>Go LEFT then DOWN

>Go right, through the dark field for an item. Then go back to the split and

>Go UP then RIGHT for a weapon for MOses.  Go back to the split and go LEFT.

>Grab the item then go UP

>Go UP until you reach an item.  Go back DOWN, then RIGHT where you see
some blue butterflies.

>Go DOWN, then RIGHT.  Continue until you reach a save point.  Save then
continue to the right.

After a scene, you'll be in a bossfight.

HP 14875

This is not much of a battle so, no special remarks or strategy necessary.
Again, just the basics, attack, guard, heal.

Continue up. You'll run into Melanie. Its an ambush. Cutscene then mini-movie.
Your party will withdraw then regroup.

Another set of cutscenes, Chapter 3 will end.

                            - () -- () -- () -

[-C H A P T E R - 4 ]            " T H E  W A R - T O R N  L A N D "

Head south of the forest. If you managed to get out of the forest, Senel will
recieve a new title.

There would be a duct here. You can go back to town and restock. Anyways, you
need to get to Maurits Hermitage. From the Forest, follow the mountain path
then turn around until you reach some shallow water. It'll be better to hug
the walls/ mountain side. Get accross the shallow water then work your way to
the red dot in your map.

                             - () -- () -- () -


Scene. then enter. You'll see Walter again. You will learn about the Whisper
Crystal. Examine the Xmas tree before you enter to get another recipe. Also,
there is a peddler here that you can buy items/ equipment with.

Head inside the meeting area. Watch the scene, then you will wake up the other
day. Save then go upstairs. Head out, you will find an injured Walter. Norma
will offer help to get the Crystal. You will have your party back, then another
scene will take place. Exit the area.

Next destination, Man-Eating Ruins. Go east and down the slope you originally
came accross with. Follow the path until the mountain range beside you reaches
a dead end. Now go west and continue forth until you reach a shallow beach.
The dungeon will be marked as red on your map.

                              - () -- () -- () -


The first part of the dungeon is straightforward. Examine the cake you gonna
come accross with. You will recieve another recipe from Mimi. Just make your
way to the northern part.

On the next screen, head right for an item, then through the dark fields. Go up
to get 2 more items, then go up and then left through tow more dark fields for
another chest. Go to the right, save then go to the right and grab the item.
Head back to the save point then head north. Another puzzle booth.

After beating the puzzle, you'll have another scene. Obviously, its a boss

---------------               ---------------
BOSS                          BOSS 2
---------------               ---------------
MIMIC BED                     DIVA
HP 15000                      HP 12000

Watch out for the Diva. It can prtrify your characters. Try to kill it first
before the Mimic Bed, since it poses much threat. Again, use climax mode if
needed. Once dive is gone, you can take out the mimic bed easily.

Head north, you'll find the Whisper Crystal. You'll also find another
character, an alluring and enticing girl named Grune. You will get the crystal
then the party will leave.

Head back to the entrance, then use the duct to go back to town, then to
Maurits' Hermitage.

                             - () -- () -- () -


Watch the scenes. After that, Chloe will ask Senel to meet her after dark.
Head downstairs then sleep. The story will automatically kick in. Another scene
between Vaclav and Shirley will take place, then you will gain control again.
Head to the rightmost path to Hermit Hill.

                              - () -- () -- () -


Use the healing point and run around to get into random battles. After a while,
Senel and Chloe will rest. They will talk about the past, etc.

You will need to do more battles. After that they take rest, do some talking
and eventually catching Moses and Norma eavesdropping thier conversation
behind the rock. (Norma's cat mimic didnt work..) Party will go back, and then
will be briefed by Jay.

Save your game, then exit the Hermitage. -cutcenes-

Next destination, the Frontlines.

In the world map, you need to move 1 oclock, just follow the path by the
mountains and around them. Again, mission specific places are marked RED.

                              - () -- () -- () -


Watch the cutscenes. You need to infiltrate Vaclav's territory. You must sneak
past those patrolling guards. If you're seen, you will fight and sent back to
the starting point of the current area. Just watch the patterns of the guards
first. I dont need to emphasize the locations of the items since they are
pretty obvious and easy to locate. Just keep moving cautiously. The path is
straight. Once you reach the end of the path, you'll encounter one of the big

HP 37444

This guy's is tough. Its hard to stagger him so that means that most of his
attacks will go through. Keep your healers busy. Climax mode can give you an
edge ahead when executed early. Also, watch for your characters HP. Keep them
always above half-full. You may never know when you'll recieve a deathblow.
Just keep on attacking and healing, he'll eventually fall.

Watch the following scenes. Next destination, Bridge Plains.. its just ahead
of you.

                            - () -- () -- () -


Stock up and rest. Save. You're gonna need it. Jay will outline the plan.
You can chose wether to charge into th battlefield or just take the less
hostile path. In any case, you may still need to face enemies. Just chose your
path northward. When you reach the end of the path, you'll find Quppo and
Poppo. Well, there is something following them...

Another bossfight.

HP 17507

Not much of a challenge. Just attack and heal. Its attacks are so predictable.
When you see a red exclamation point on its head, it means its gonna perform
a combo (several continuous bites). Just block when you sense this. Other than
that, this shouldnt be a problem.

Watch the scenes, then you'll have Jay as a new party member. You'll be out in
the world map. Enter the tent to rest and get some items.

                         - () -- () -- () -


Cutscene-, enter. You'll meet Melanie. Jay will help the party escape using a
smoke bomb.

On the next screen, follow the path and head left for an item. Examine the
switch on the wall also. Go back and up the hall, then go left for another
chest and switch. Activate it then go back up. Go the right for another room
and switch. Go through the door at the end of the hallway.

Proceed left then right for 4 chests. Go up the right with a chest and switch.
Go to the left and open the door. Follow the path down to reach a savepoint.
Go left then up for another item. Go up some more for 3 more chests then a
puzzle booth duct in the end.

After solving the puzzle, you'll fight a boss.

HP 16000

Take out her pet first. Make sure that you attack her in mid-cast to cancel
her eres. Just heal every so often and have your other party members
concentrate on the bear first. You can use your climax mode if you want to,
however you will need it on the next battles. Anyways, just attack and heal,
you'll be able to defeat one of the Terrors.


Go up, and you'll run into Cashel. You can follow him as he moves, fight a few
random battles to level up or if you're ready, just go down from the start and
watch the scenes. You will be pitted against the 2nd Terror.

HP 13861

This battle is almost a joke. Just pummel him with 2 fighters, and keep your
health afloat, and you should do fine.


Head through the door using the card key you recieved from Cashel. You'll find
Stingle on the top. Take the left ramp for a chest. Then proceed to the right
ramp. Use the healing point and savepoint. Head up to the next screen. Take
long spiral upwards until you reach Stingle.

HP 14513

Okay, dont compare him with the first two so-called "Terrors". This man is
really dangerous, especially if you let your guard down. You may want your
healers spamming healing spells on this one while trying to sandwich Stingle.
KEEP HIM AWAY FROM YOUR CASTERS. His combo really devastating. Once you notice
a red exclamation point on his head, beware. Just block and heal. Also, you
can use the much saved climax mode. He should go after a tough fight.


Stingle escapes after the fight. Grab the items and take the platform up. Save
then head to the door. Alright, make sure that you activate all switches to
red and grab the items with the switches. Then, after deactivating the
electric fence, head to the next screen.

Okay, do the same thing, but this time change the switches to blue. After doing
so, head to the next screen.

alright, you know what to do. Switches must be green this time. Go to the end
of the path,using save point at the end. You may want to fight random battles
to fill up your climax gauge. You'll need it. Enter the door.

Watch the eye-catching scenes, after that, it's a real fight against Vaclav.

HP 17415

Okay, tough and tougher. . this guy can kill you instantly if you're not
careful. Keep you casters busy and use temporary stat-raising items. Guard if
you sense that he is about to attack. You may need to use the climax mode if
he's halfway down. Finish him off quickly.

Watch the long cutscene. It brings strong essence to the story and game.
After all of that, Chapter 4 closes.

Congratulations, you're already halfway on finishing the game's main quest.

                             - () -- () -- () -

[-C H A P T E R - 5 ]                   " A W A K E N I N G "


You will in Stella's graveyard. Harriet will arrive, informs you that Will
wants to see you. Go to his house.

When you arrive on Will's house, he'll give you medals you need to give to your
party members.

Find Norma is in the inn.

Chloe is in the hospital.

Moses is in the park, on the northern section of the town.

Grune is located in the fountain.

After giving the medals to them, head back to Will's house and catch Jay
listening by the door. Watch the scene and Fenimore will visit, asking Senel
to visit Shirley.

Before leaving town, upgrade your equipment and restock your items. Mimi is
also in the weapon/armor shop. Exit the town.

From your position, go west of Werites Beacon and follow the path south of the
shallow lake. You should find a duct. Activate it and go in.

                             - () -- () -- () -


Watch the short conversation between walter and the party. You will then be
lead to Maurits. After some talking, a messenger informs that Shirley is busy
and will not be able to meet up with Senel. You will find yourself inside the
quarters. Examine the knight piece to find Mimi. You can restock by the
merchant outside your room. Otherwise, rest.

Cutscene. Somebody asks him to go to the courtyard, alone.

Head north, watch a rather sad scene. Morning will come after that and Walter
informs tha party about the remnant forces of Vaclav discovered somewhere in
the Hidden Fortress.

Head straight north to find the location.

                             - () -- () -- () -


This part of the dungeon is really straight forward. Just go through the dark
fields to get the items and take the path until you reach the duct to the
puzzle booth.

After solving the puzzle, you should be inside the torture chamber. Open the
cells on the left to get the key and an apple gel. Use the key to proceed.

Get the chest and head left. Open the fourth cell for an apple gel, continue
left past the dark field for a chest. Go back to the orb, then go right.
Avoid the circles because they trigger the alarm, which in turn will not allow
you to open the cells. Just touch the orb again to deactivate alarm. Some cells
cause explosions that damage you a little. You can use the cells to evade the
circles. Go up then left. Open the second jailcell to get the key. Enter the
dark field for an item. Go back right and go up to the door.

Go past the cells, head up and around to enter the dark field to get an item.
Open the cell before it to obtain key and go through the other dark field
for another item. Go to the right until you reach the door.

The next area should be some sort of library. Just read through the
conversation. Just watch the scenes and you will be left with two galfs to
deal with.

---------------                      ---------------
BOSS                                  BOSS  
---------------                      ---------------
SILVER GALF                          GOLDEN GALF    
HP 25991                             HP 25000

This battle may be tough, depends on how the way you levelled you character up.
Anyways, they're still not that easy. Like any other multiple bosses,
concentrate on one galf at a time. Keep them busy, have your casters spam
healing spells and alternatively use items to keep yourselves up. Make sure
that you keep them away from your casters. Dont hesitate to use your climax
mode to finish them quickly.

Watch the scenes, you'll acquire another key item. You need to go out of this
place manually.

Once you exit, head north.

                          - () -- () -- () -


You can go back to Werites if you need to restock, otherwise just enter the

Watch the scenes. Take your first left until you get to a chest. Go back, take
the path and go down the split for another chest. Go back, follow the path and
go through the dark field for a chest. Proceed to the next screen.

Head through the dark field for another chest. Take the path to find an item.
Keep going up. You'll get a scene between a Gadorian Knight and Shirley's

After that, back to your party, go the right for a chest and take the path
around to get another chest. Go down and then left. Go down again and left for
another chest. Go up and follow the path until you reach a save point. Save,
then head to the next screen.

Scene switches back to Shirley. Your party will reach the area, then you'll
be thrown into a very familiar boss.

HP 21919

Just attack like crazy, heal when necessary. This is a simple fight actually.

                          - () -- () -- () -

Run up to the altar to find the other Radiants. Watch the scenes and you will
be thrown to another bossfight. This battle is UNWINNABLE. Just goof around
until you're automatically defeated. Watch the remaining scenes.

                          - () -- () -- () -


You'll be taken automatically to werites beacon. The people are left in
disarrays since nobody can use eres. Your party will be disbanded. Some scenes
will happen until you'll find yourself again in the inn. Exit the inn, watch
some scenes.

After all the fuss, head to the fountain, to find Will and Jay. Your other
party members will join you with the sense of calling to the area. You'll have
your party back. Continue forth, then scene again, before eventually going
down the elevator.

Just watch the remaining scenes as chapter 5 closes.

                           - () -- () -- () -

[-C H A P T E R - 6 ]                   "T H E  F A L L E N  L A N D S"


Just watch the scenes,then Grune decides to join your party.
You can go back up to Werites to restock and upgrade your equipment. Anyways,
go to the save point and open the chest. Go to the southern part of this place
Fire Monument.

                           - () -- () -- () -


Before you enter, make sure that you turn off fire-based eres or spells. This
is to prevent you from recieving NEGATIVE grades for every battle. ]

Just make your way from the first room, grab items along the way. You'll
encounter crystals that flashback the Legacy's long forgotten history.

Om the next room, there would be cylinders and chests with switches behind
them. You need to activate all switches to pass this area. After some scenes,
you'll have a boss battle.

HP 36048

This enemy attacks the most and guards the most as well. As long as you continue
attacking, he should guard thus delaying time to attack. Also, just sandwich
him between your two fighters and he should go down wihtout that much of a

Watch the scenes as they are flashed back as a mini-scene. You'll be back in
the beginning of the dungeon. You will recieve a Tablet, key item. The otters
will meet you and inform you about a camp they'd setup on the cost. Exit the
area, go to the save point then just head north along the tracks.

                           - () -- () -- () -


Your party collapses as soon as they reach camp. Just watch the succeeding
scenes and conversations, then you'll be back in control. There is a merchant
here and you can also rest for free. Not to mention there is a save point
here also.

If you noticed the flashbacks, next destination is the Ice monument.
Exit the area, then go right, then up. The monument will be pretty obvious.

                           - () -- () -- () -


After entering the area, there would be another scene, also an unexpected
guest. But due to the location's special properties, the attacker's power
is somehow restricted. Just as its getting interested, the fool is carried
away from the place. Alright, do the same thing here. Disable ice-based spells
and enable fire-spells.  You can also equip a flare cape that you got from
the last monument to add +30 fire attribute to your attacks.

The next screen is quite simple. You just need to avoid the crystal spikes
along the way. You'll encounter crystals that flashback the Legacy's history

On the next screen with cylinders and switches, grab the items and activate the
switches ONLY if they produce bubbles on the cylinders themselves. If you
activate a switch and nothing happens, turn it back off. For this dungeon, you
need to activate all switches on the left side only.

Just continue up and recieve another set of scenes, and of course, another boss

HP 37745  

The same as before yet this one tends to dive and resurface. Just keep healing
when needed, and continue your attacks. You should do fine.

Some summary of the scenes you viewed a while ago, then you'll be back from the
monument's entrance.  Recieve another tablet, exit and head back to the coast
to progress the story.

                           - () -- () -- () -


Just read through the scenes and conversations for better understanding of the
story. You will rest for the night and you'll be given hint about your next
destination, Thunder Monument.

To reach it, exit then just head to the southeastern part of the field.



Alright, similar cutscenes. Disable lightning spells, enable the others.
Proceed inside.

The next area requires you to enter thunderclouds to be warped to another
part of the screen. Take the one nearest you for an item. Warp back then just
proceed as usual. The flashback crystals are still around. Just move onward
to reach the door in the end.

After the short conversation, you will be taken to a similar room. However,
you need to activate both switches on the first and third ledges only, grabbing
items along the way.

Proceed north and if you still havent guessed it..

HP 39522   

Use the same tactic you used in defeating the previous Gaet.

Some scenes, you'll brought back to entrance and recieve another tablet
Head camp for now.

                           - () -- () -- () -


Watch the scenes as they proceed. I'll save the spoilers here just like what
I mentioned in the first place. So, restup and prepare for the last monument
to visit.

To reach the Earth Monument, exit then head left of the screen.

                           - () -- () -- () -


Again, watch the scenes then enter the area. You may need to take note of
the moving squares because if you get caught, you'll be returned to your
starting position. Make your way through the items and crystals to the next
screen. Just take note of a really entertaining show put up by Norma and Grune.

Again the same setup. However you need to activate the right switch on the 1st
floor, the left switch on the second then the right switch again for the third
floor. Grab items along the way. Just continue up and some scenes will occur.
After that, another Gaet boss battle.

HP 41383    

Nothing special about this big fella. Just attack as usual. Guard when you see
him charging up. But overall, there should be no problems bringing down this

After the battle, watch the scene, and you will be warped to the entrance,
recieve another tablet. Exit and head back to the coast.

                           - () -- () -- () -


Just read through the conversation about the Cataclysm. After the scene, a
bright light will appear, and you will need to check it out. Rest, head out
and continue right until you reach the coast on the other end, in the Geoglyph

                           - () -- () -- () -


Watch the scene, and soon, you'll need to arrange the tablets to find the real
events that happened in history. Tablet 1 on the left, tablet 4 is on the
right. You need to put in the tablets in this order. 3 - 2 - 1 - 4.

Witness your characters getting "blessed" by Nerifes and acquiring "Sacred
Eres". All of them except Senel. Confused and shocked, you will need to return
to camp.

                           - () -- () -- () -


The party will disband leaving Senel alone. You can save then rest to have the
story progress. Watch the scenes that'll follow.

After the scene switches back to senel, Chloe will talk to him. More
conversations, you will learn about the truth on Senel's past. It'll become
clear why Senel is the only one not blessed by Nerifes. Watch more scenes
and finally, Senel gets blessed too.

Plans will be discussed, and Jay will have you meet him by the elevator. Exit
then head out to the elevator.

                           - () -- () -- () -


More conversations will ensue, and you will be introduced to your means of
transportation to the Mirage Palace. Watch the remaining scenes, this ends
the chapter.

[-C H A P T E R - 7]                   "S H I N I N G  B L U E"


Welcome to the final chapter of the main quest. From the
start, go left for a chest, then right and up, continue with the path.  Go
through the next dark field down for an item. Go up and left to reach the next

The dark fields here serve only as shortcuts,there are no items in the area.
Just follow the path to get to the next screen. Watch the scene and save.
Go up then left for an item. Touch the pillars here to be teleported. Touch
the one near you for an item. Touch it again to go back to the save point. Go
down for another item, touch the pillar to warp. Go straight down for the next

Go down, enter the dark field for a chest, then up for another item. Go past
that chest for another item, activate the warp next to it. Grab the chest and
continue forth to get a scene with Walter. You will have a boss battle after

HP 33162     

NOthing special, if you were able to defeat the previous bosses without
problems, this one is no hassle.

After the battle, go left for an item. Backtrack, then up, then left for
another item. Go back, then go right and continue until to come accross with a
healing point and save point. Go up, then left and through the dark field for
a chest. Go down through another dark zone then left to go to the next screen.
Go up past the dark field for an item. Go up again for another item behind a
 dark field. Go back and go down the path. Go through the next dark field for
another item. Go up, follow the path until you reach the puzzle booth.

After solving the puzzle booth, you will reach the next maze:

>Go to the first portal, from there, use the one on the left to find an item.
Use the right portal, then the left portal for a chest then the right for
another chest. Use the bottom and then the top portal to get back to the
entrance. Now use all the left portals everytime to reach the exit.

You will meet Walter on the next screen. Alright, its showtime.

HP 55270     

Okay, here we go. This guy can kill you in one combo if you're not careful.
Just try to wait for him to stop his combo then launch your own assault. Also,
if you ever manage to corner him, then good. Just keep him at bay, away from
your casters, as you will need Will or Norma casting Revive and First Aid/ Cure
alternatively. You can also use climax mode if needed.

After the battle, watch the scenes. When you gain control again. Go through the
door on the right side then watch the scenes. After the events, you will be
beside the tram. After some scenes and conversations, you will need to go back
to Werites Beacon.

                           - () -- () -- () -


Party will be disbanded and you may need to head for the fountain. Go there
and watch the following scenes. It'll be the next morning and you will be by
the tram. You can also restock items, bake breads and upgrade equipments.
After doing so, talk to the otters then head to the next destination.

                           - () -- () -- () -


Welcome to the final dungeon of the main quest. The enemies here are fairly
powerful, so better be prepared. I would suggest to have Norma in the party
since her Revive spell will be useful in this place. For a another caster you
can choose either Will or Grune. Also to make more easier, have a shortcut for
Norma's Revive on either your L2 or R2 buttons.

Alright, lets start. Save the game, then take the elevator. Continue forth and
go through the dark field for a chest. Go right then up leading to the next

Go to the left for a chest, then up and then right. Get the item behind the
dark field. Enter the other dark field again for an item, then go back down,
grab the item then head to the next screen. Go down, then right and through
the dark fields again for an item, and through another set again for another
chest. Go back left then continue going down, then go to the right for another
chest. Go back, follow the path down until you reach the puzzle booth.

This puzzle is all about timing and angle. You need to light up the crystals.

After the puzzle booth, go up and left past the dark field for a chest. Go to
the right and use the portal to get into the green path. Follow that to reach
the next area. Take the portal down and follow the path until you reach a
chest. Go back to the portal, go up to reach the next screen.

Go through the dark field for an item, then follow the path until it bends
upwards then head left then down to the next screen. Follow the path on your
left for an item behind the dark field. Follow the path as it curves upwards
and around the right. Take the elevator to the green path. Take the elevator
to go up.

In the new room, go right and through the door to another elevator. Use the
healing and save point. Just follow the path to the next area. Go to the right
and open the chest, keep going right. Once the path curves, continue going
until you reach the next area.

Follow the path and grab the chest. Keep going along the path, picking up
items along the way. This is rather a long straighforward path so you dont
need directions with this. Eventually you will run into Walter. He sends out
a new monster to stop you.

HP 41875   

This metal scrap is not a threat at all. Just bang it away.

Walter, dies on the spot. Go up for an item, then left for the next screen.
Go down to the healing and save point. Prepare for the final battle(s). You
will be having 3 consecutive battles.

There would be conversations, scenes then you will battle Maurits

HP 31724  

Dont underestimate this guy. He is hard to stagger, and his combos hurt and
can knock you down. Keep you casters busy healing and giving items. Keep your
HP above 1/2. ALWAYS.

He'll be defeated. Yet, he charges up and will battle you again.

HP 33217    

Again, not the same old maurits you battled. His attacks are more poweful
and has some really good crowd control techniques. Again, have your healers
spam continuous healing spells, especially Norma's Revive.

Again, after the battle, some scenes will occur and you will gain control.
If you want, you can go back and save. Once ready, go forward and face Shirley.
More scenes will occur, then after a while, you'll be facing the last boss..

HP 83043  

This is gonna be one tough and long battle. This guy can appear anywhere, fast
and most of his attacks are unblockable and damaging. Again, do not rely
entirely to your healers. Make good use of all recovery items possible, not to
mention abusing your climax mode. Just be careful, patient and you'll end up
winning this fight.


Watch the remaining scenes. Congratulations! , you're done with the Main Quest!

Watch the credits, and get ready for the character quests!

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