Essay About The Favorite Teacher

My Favorite Teacher

April 30, 2009

My teacher is amazing. Not only is she my English teacher, but she's also my Math, Chemistry, Art, Music and Literature teacher. She's the cook, bus driver and head cheerleader. My teacher is my mom.

My mom homeschools me now (tenth grade) and has homeschooled me since fourth grade. We decided we needed a change from public school. She also homeschools both of my younger siblings.

My mom has made it possible for me to have countless learning opportunities like veterinary workshops, sports teams, Chemistry groups, Art clubs and much more. She takes me everywhere, no matter how completely out of her way it is, so that I can pursue me favorite things, even if it's just to hang out with my friends.

She volunteers at our church, in the contemporary praise band. Her keyboard and flute playing are amazing, not to mention her voice that inspires everyone. My mom supports friends and family, and is compassionate towards everyone and everything. Any time I see an animal in need, she is right there to help me take care of it, with assurances that we could take it home if necessary. We have, as a family, raised 6 litters of puppies for Leader Dogs for the Blind. We signed up for a breeding mom dog, and my mom never complained about getting up at all hours to make sure the puppies were well fed and happy. She never gives up and has taught my whole family to follow through with everything we do.

My mom has a love for writing and art that she has shared with me over the years. She has given me hundreds of books to help inspire my writing, but she has never pushed me to change who I am. Her paintings hang in our house and she always wants to hang my art up too. She feels that I should learn in a way that is easiest for me, and makes sense to me. She has gone through so many math books, looking for the right one for me. She works late into the night to help me understand something, and her patience never ceases to amaze me. I go to her for advice and help with anything.

My teacher is unique because she is not only my favorite educator, she's also my mother!

I am a student of class VI. My favorite teacher is my class teacher, Mrs. Pratima Sharma. She has been teaching in our school for more than fifteen years. She is a very experienced lady.

Mrs. Sharma follows the ideal of ‘Simple living, high thinking’. She always dresses up neatly in cotton sarees. Even the other teachers respect her because of her dignity. None of us dare to speak in her class.

Mrs. Sharma teachers us S0cial Studies. She is a very good teacher and explains all the points well. She clears all our doubts patiently and never shouts at us. She is very strict about discipline in the class, though.

I always take care to do well in her class because I admire her so much. A word of praise from her makes my day. I try to copy her habits of punctuality and neatness.

Because of her qualities, she has become a very popular teacher in our school. We all love and respect Mes. Sharma very much and hope to be like her when we grow up. I am truly proud of my teacher.

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