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From Jesus to Christ: The First Christians (PBS)
Part of PBS’s Frontline series, this site explores archeological clues to Jesus’ life, paints a portrait of his world, examines the gospels and first Christians, and discusses why Christianity succeeded. There are also maps, a timeline, an anthology of primary sources, a discussion forum, and a biblical quiz.

Ad Hoc: Resources for Teaching and Research relating to the History of Christianity
Has a nice selection of internet sites and electronic sites relating to history of Christianity

Resource Pages for Biblical Studies
A lengthy set of links useful to scholars of early Christian writings and the Christian social world

Review of Biblical Literature
The Review of Biblical Literature is published by the Society of Biblical Literature, a nonprofit professional association for scholars in the field of biblical studies and supplies a comprehensive review of biblical literature and related studies.

Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibit
An exhibit at the Library on Congress. The Library’s exhibition describes the historical context of the scrolls and the Qumran community; it also relates the story of their discovery 2,000 years later.

This site was written and is maintained by Jona Lendering, professor of Mediterranean archaeology and history at Amsterdam Free University, The Netherlands. It is a scholarly but readable discussion of the concept of messiah in Jewish history.

ICLnet: Guide to Early Church Documents
A useful research resource on early Christian texts, featuring canonical documents, creeds, the writings of the Apostolic Fathers and other historical texts relevant to church history

Internet Resources for the Study of Judaism and Christianity
A well organized list of several sites on the Internet useful for the study of Judaism and Christianity

Bible Notes 
The entire Holy Bible is summarized with review notes and keypoints.

New Testament Gateway
An award-winning directory of internet resources related to the New Testament

Bible History Online Images and Resources 
An attractive and comprehensive site on Bible History

The Christian Catacombs of Rome 
An extensive site, in many languages, offering a historic and visual tour of Christian catacombs

Lesson Plans, Teacher Guides, Activities and more

Bible Gateway
Search for Bible passages by topic, word, phrase, or keyword

Brief Review in Global History and Geography: Document Based Essays and Practice Tests
PH@School’s Brief Review in Global History and Geography Web site provides multiple-choice questions from actual Regents exams. You can also practice your test-taking skills on document-based essay questions (DBQs), with the option of e-mailing answers directly to your teacher for review.

+ All Christianity Essays:

  • How Christianity Interects with Other Religions
  • Women and Christianity: Lysistrata by Aristophanes
  • Religions of Judaism, Christianity, Islam
  • Conflicts Between Christians and Jews are Low
  • Clash and Similarities Between Judaism, Christianity and Islam
  • The Religious Landscape of Australia
  • 4 Mat Review of Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity 2nd Ed.
  • Flat Becoming Round: Adding Dimension to Christianity
  • Christianity: David Mier and The Idea of Grace
  • Chateaubriand's 'Atala': An Analysis
  • The Elegiac Quality of the Wanderer and the Seafarer
  • Author Bart D. Ehrman on Scriptures
  • Homosexuality and Christianity
  • Constantine and His Effect on Christianity
  • The Role of Women and Community in Christianity Versus Islam
  • Christianity and Psychology Integrated
  • The Three Major Religions in Southwest Asia
  • Paul Tillich, a Guide for Christianity within a Pluralistic Society
  • Christianity and Rastafarianism-a Discussion of Six Similarities
  • Analysis of Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass
  • Spanish America and Christianity
  • Things Fall Apart: Christianity vs. Animism
  • Yoga And Christianity
  • The Pagan Faith and Christian Holidays
  • History of Christianity and the Christian Church
  • Christianity and Popular Culture
  • Frederick Douglass is Recognized as an Implausible Abolitionist
  • An Analytical Approach to Truth and Religion
  • AP World History Compare and Contrast: The Spread of Christianity and Buddhism in the End of the Classical Period.
  • 4-Mat Review System: Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity
  • The Role Of Women In Christianity
  • Pentecostalism
  • The Teachings of Christianity on the Sanctity of Life in Realtion to Abortion
  • Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity
  • The Spread of Buddhism and Christianity
  • Christianity to Japan
  • The Integration of Science and Religion
  • Can Cloning and Christianity Coexist
  • Similarities and Causes for Unfamilirity between Christianity and Islam
  • Roman Impact on Christianity
  • Justin Martyr
  • Christianity and Islamic Brotherhood in Egypt
  • Feminism and Christianity: An Essential Guide by Lynn Japinga
  • Christianity And Lord Of The Rings
  • Compare and Contrast: Christianity and Islam
  • Two Versions of Christianity in The Grand Inquisite by Dostoevsky
  • Subject of Research: Medical Ethics and Christianity
  • St. Augustine's important philosophical contributions to defend the philosophy of Christianity.
  • Divorce and Christianity
  • Liberty University Sample Book Review Chhi 520
  • Comparative Essay Judaism, Islam, Christianity
  • A Summary, Analysis and Discussion of Søren Kierkegaard, Training in Christianity
  • Christianity: It Is About the Person
  • The Portrayl of Religion in Beowulf
  • Christianity, Judaism, and Islam Paper
  • Christianity and Paganism in the Epic of Beowulf
  • The Three Major Religions
  • Thomas Aquinas’ Theory of Christianity Theology is Science
  • Comparative Review on Judasim and Christianity
  • Oedipus and Christianity
  • Representation of Christianity in Charles Dickens' Works
  • Corruption of Christianity in Shakespeares, Hamlet
  • Deity and Practices of Catholicism vs. Christianity
  • Violence and Christianity
  • Three Main Religions in the Continent of Asia
  • Christianity and Acceptance of Conventional and Nuclear War
  • Injustices to Native Americans
  • Christian Tradition: THe Importance of Baptism
  • Intended Conversion to Christianity in Flannery O'Conner's "A Good Man is Hard to Find"
  • The Rule of Constantine
  • How Christianity and Paganism Coexisted in Beowulf
  • Discipleship: Christianity and Jesus
  • Compare Utilitarianism with the religion that you have studiedUtilitarianism VS Christianity
  • Africa
  • Christianity and Sikhism
  • Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Dante´s: What Are We?
  • Explaining The Religion of Islam
  • Spreading Christianity in The Journey And Ordeal Of Cabeza De Vaca by Alvar Nunez Cabeza De Vaca
  • Saint Augustine
  • Christendom and The Song of Roland
  • Hinduism, Muslism, Christianity
  • Christianity and Life After Death
  • Three Main Religions in the Middle East
  • Comparing Christianity and Buddhism
  • The Influence of Christianity on Ancient and Modern Greece

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