Social Learning Theory Essays

Social Learning Theory

Social learning theory was introduced by Albert Bandura in the year 1977 that explored the realms of conditioning as a condition and an operation. Through his theory, the behaviorist declared:

  1. Processes are the result of a certain stimuli and responses.
  2. Everything you learn is the product of your observation of the environment.

Observing For Social Learning

Grownups, adults and individuals are what form role models in the society for children to watch, observe and grow into. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the future generations are currently surrounded by individuals who possess wise and influential personalities to influence and steer the children in the right direction. This is the very reason why it is important that one controls the information children get at an early age from various sources, the most influential one being the television.

Whatever behavior the role model presents is the one that is ultimately imitated. If a male child grows to watch a father to be aggressive, then the chances of his adhering to aggression will be far higher than a child who had a relatively calmer parent. Similarly, it is very rare that an anti-social mother raises a child who is very social. Whatever behavior individuals with authority depict, the children imitate as their own.

This imitation is almost never consciously done but plays a vital role in how they end up behaving as full-grown adults themselves. There are some rules that apply to this theory, these are:

  1. It is more likely that children follow adults of the same sex. This is because they are more relatable and make more sense to the influential kid.
  2. How the child behaves is largely dependent on how the behavior of the adult is received by the environment around. If a father’s aggression is met with more aggression and eventually something far more painful, then the child might learn to stay away from it altogether. Therefore, on the basis of rewards and punishments, the understanding of the child is established.

Hence, the idea of social learning theory is a very important one. The children internalize and adhere to the behaviors that are being continuously demonstrated for and to them. Eventually, this behavior is adopted and imitated. However, during the Oedipus complex the child can only identify with the parent of the same sex, whereas with Social Learning Theory the person child hypothetically classifies with any other person.

Social Learning Theory Essay examples

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The paper will focus on the application of the social learning theory through the use of video games that incorporate moral choices into their design. In this paper, I will first describe what the social learning theory is and its implications. I will discuss findings that pertain to the social learning theory and through violent television and operant conditioning from violent video games. I will also explore studies focusing on the impact of moral choices in video games on decision making and moral disengagement. From the data, I will determine my own hypothesis as well as a methodical experiment relevant to the focus of this paper. The social learning theory, as proposed by Albert Bandura (1977), describes how new knowledge can be…show more content…

This longitudinal study assessed their behavior from an age range of five to fifteen years old. It was found that those exposed to an excessive amount of violent programming were more likely to commit criminal activity and develop anti social personality disorder in their early adulthood. Several factors, including socioeconomic status and parental background, were controlled to ensure little other stimuli contributed to the findings. These results correlate highly with the social learning theory on aggressive behavior. Those exposed to substantial violence and aggression were likely to imitate it later on in life. However, while an observational study can elicit enlightening results, they do not provide much on practical, empirical evidence. What the researchers did was observe behavior exhibited by the individuals they studied; they did not control the amount of violence the individuals were being exposed nor were they preventing others from being exposed to such programming. Thus, this study can not be deemed as an “experiment”. While they tried eliminating the lurking variables that may plague the results of their findings, it would be impossible to eliminate every possible influence other than the television exposure through an observational study.
In another study, researchers observed whether operant conditioning could take place from exposure to violence in video games (Carnagey & Anderson, 2005).

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