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1071481AP English LangPeriod 3Locavore EssayThe locavore movement is a movement where people basically say, “you know what, screw the market and the na±on’s economy! I want to eat food that is grown locally!”. The locavores are the new trend se²ers - such a high percentage of Americans have converted to locavores that the government signed the Farm Bill in 2009, which helped small farmers (Source E). The locavore movement has spawned for various reasons, yet the forefront reasons include energy consump±on, local business support, and the healthiness of local foods. Although the locavore movement is gaining steam and the small businesses are improving, the foods are not of higher nutri±onal value and may not be more environmentally friendly then buying from big businesses.In the locavore movement, our small city’s farms would actually be bene³´ng from the locavoremovement, according to the New Economics Founda±on in London, a dollar spent locally generates twice as much income for the local economy (Source A). This descrip±on from Maiser's "10 Reasons to Eat Local Food" shows how important buying locally can be. Only buying from small farms locally can prevent a well-cultured society. Trying diµerent types of food can expand one's taste buds. Should land locked ci±zens avoid ³sh their whole life? As we start this movement, we must also take into considera±on how the world around us will be aµected. Since the US market is ran oµ of imports from

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Locavores Synthesis Essay

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