Dissertation Topics In Business Project Management

A List Of Great Project Management Topics For Your Dissertation

Project management is defined as processes, knowledge, methods, experience and skills used to achieve the project objectives. This is an extremely important line of work for the successful completion of projects in everything from science and technology to building bridges and roads and many more fields.

Here is a list of great Project Management dissertation topics:

  1. Why do most companies ease up on project management skills when the economy is in a downturn? What effect does this have on financial bottom line of the company?
  2. Why do so many projects fail to meet their budgetary and time constraints? What project management aspects could be applied to prevent that from happening?
  3. At what point should a project going towards an unsuccessful conclusion be completely cancelled? Is there a need to keep trying to turn it round till the bitter end or is there a case to cut your losses?
  4. What value does an official certification provide to a project management professional? Is experience a better barometer of success? Does certification help a professional to innovate or adapt to changing scenarios during a project?
  5. What is the value of project management to a newly formed business venture that has not yet embraced project management principles? Is it even necessary?
  6. What are the advantages or disadvantages of outsourcing a project? Does keeping a project in-house lead to lack of innovation?
  7. How does lean management help in running a project more effectively and efficiently?
  8. Is it possible to run an agile project with outsourced segments to multiple providers in different countries? What are the methods involved?
  9. What part do politics play in the success or failure of projects? Is shifting the blame and stealing credit the norm in project management?
  10. How effective can project management be in a well-established organization with established policies and norms?
  11. How are project management methods helpful in dealing with projects in multicultural settings? Are the methods the same when applied to a project across different countries?
  12. What are the most common problems in project management and how do successful multinational companies deal with such problems?
  13. How important is the study and analysis of rival projects for the success of your project?
  14. What is the evidence for success and failure of outsourced information technology projects?
  15. What part does the failure of vendors play in the failure of projects?

A List Of Interesting MBA Dissertation Topics In Project Management

MBA dissertation topics in project management might be a bit difficult subject matter to research on especially if you are not the type who prefers dealing with complicated writing tasks. Indeed, writing projects are considered challenging for many students particularly to those who are pursuing master’s degree. And, if you really want to achieve academic success, completing a dissertation is just one of the many struggles that you will need to encounter. Due to the fact that you have no choice but to complete an outstanding paper, it is fundamental to conduct thorough research to provide the necessary data for your writing project.

As always, it is essential to know about your topic well prior you can finish a good paper that is worth-reading. If you are to write about project management, it is pivotal to have deeper understanding of what this topic really is. Take in mind that this pertains to the application of knowledge, processes, skills, methods as well experience in order to obtain the objectives of the project. Once you are already fully aware of what you should write about, then, the entire process won’t be as burdensome as you imagine.

It is often times very daunting to choose what topic to write about. In point of fact, this is why getting started is always deemed as the hardest part. The key here is to choose the topic that is not too broad for you to handle and work on. Not to mention, pick the one which you think is easier for you to manage.

Here are some interesting MBA dissertation topics in project management that you research and write about:

  • What are the fundamentals of an effective project plan?
  • The significance of project management in a flourishing business
  • What are the most common issues in project management and how global firms cope with it?
  • The framework of project management and its suitability in global scale
  • People and behaviors in project management
  • The usefulness of project management’s evaluation as well as assessment
  • Why project managers are always in high demand?
  • How effective project management is in a well-founded company?
  • Complexity theory and its significance in project management
  • How to establish an effective communication strategy in managing projects?
  • Could project management training considerably aid in improving company success?
  • What are the must-have attributes of an effective project manager?
  • How to deal with project risks effectively?
  • The importance of maintaining communications with the project organization and its stakeholders
  • The phases and processes in project management

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