Double Standards For Women In Politics Essay

Gender Double Standards Essay

As one looks through society, one starts to see many cracks and loopholes where one set of standards does not apply the same way for men as it does to women, and vice versa.
One of the main and most discussed double standards when it comes to gender is the fact that men are praised for being promiscuous, while women are put down and called names. This double standard goes way back in the societal memory. Evolutionary psychologists suggest that these gender differences have resulted from males’ and females’ different reproductive capacities. A woman can go have sex with a man, but she then will be limited to carrying his baby for those nine months. In the meantime, the man can go out and have sex with many women, and have all of those women pregnant at the same time, thus resulting in multiple offspring. “Because men have greater reproductive capacities, it is considered beneficial for them to inseminate as many females as possible to maximize the survival of their offspring (Milhausen and Herold).” Still, the theory does not fully explain why women, even though they do not have the ability to spread their genes as quickly as men can, are expected to be sexually conservative. Perhaps the simplest explanation from an evolutionary standpoint is those women are sexually conservative because they are the ones that have to have the babies. Pregnancy is hard work, not to mention that if a woman sleeps around, she is bound to be unsure of whose baby she is carrying.
Despite the sound logic of the evolutionary argument, it does not account for what humans have had for a long time: contraception. This is why many people prefer to look at how this double standard formed from more of a sociological viewpoint. Women’s sexual conservatism has been enforced since ancient times. It was often enforced by marriages where the woman could not divorce, and a general complete control and surveillance of a woman’s life. In ancient Israel, the husband could issue a divorce, but the wife could not, and it was very much the same throughout much of England’s history (Magnus Hirshfeld Archive for Sexology).
What is even stranger is that women fully enforce this sexual double standard. Over 99% of woman agree that women enjoy sex as much as men do, yet when asked to describe a woman who has had many sexual partners, over 59% percent of women used words that fell under the negatively connotative ‘Promiscuous’ category, using words like “slut,” “cheap,” “loose,” “whore,” “easy,” and “dirty.” Twelve percent of women even used words that would suggest that sexually liberal woman are psychologically damaged, using words like “insecure,” “lonely,” “desperate,” “needy,” and ‘unfulfilled.” Only 8% of women tagged a sexually liberal woman in the more positive category of “sexually focused,” the respondents feeling that “these women were uncommitted and focused on sex rather than the relationship” (Milhausen and Herold). In addition, “Women were more likely to...

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Essay on Double Standard

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The existence of a double standard for Women today is a main reason why women become extremely radical. Women that do not appreciate being stereotyped and discriminated against, protest in forms of rallying and with lawsuits against people or institutions of society. The areas of society that use or even enforce a double standard against women may consider women to be inferior to men. This idea of superiority is discrimination. Often the work place, sports, and within homes do we see this idea of a double standard for women.
There has always been a double standard for women. The early twentieth century was tough for most women. They were expected to stay at home, take care of the children and cook meals for their husbands. Women were…show more content…

Male employees would assume that a woman had got a job by sleeping with the boss, and also she is there to do womanly type jobs, such as, making coffee,     or answering phones. This stereotype of women in the work force is diminishing as time passes, but still exists today. Sexual harassment is a serious crime and women are more likely to stand up for themselves in today’s society.
The sports world has been a new area where women are recognized. In previous times women’s sports were almost non-existent. In schools many girl teams did not receive adequate funds for uniforms and equipment. Boys sports were much more popular, such as football or basketball. If a girl wanted to play a guy sport she would be labeled as a
“Tomboy”, and was probably cut from any tryouts. In recent times women’s sports are becoming more popular, except the fans are predominantly women. The WNBA is the women’s version of the NBA, but not nearly treated the same or as popular. Colleges and Universities have a variety of sports for girls and boys. Some girls might try to cross- into boy’s teams and it usually causes a controversy or a lawsuit against the University. A boy would never try a girl’s sport. Women are very sensitive about their rights and what they are capable of doing in our society that is why they continue to gain power slowly but steadily.
“Will there always be a

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