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The Ron Clark Story is based on the true story of an amazing educator from North Carolina who moved to N.Y. because he heard there was a need for good teachers in Harlem. While there, he did an amazing job turning around difficult students and giving them hope for their futures. Students really enjoy this movie! The movie can even be found on YouTube.

This lesson helps students delve into non-print text to determine characterization. This unit has been crafted so that each component has scaffolding to ensure student success in writing an expository essay beyond the typical five sentence paragraphs.

This lesson includes:
► Step-by-step lesson plans

Jigsaw activity

Introduction explanation and practice sheet with example.

Body explanation and practice sheets with example

Conclusion explanation and practice sheet with example

Rubric for essay (editable)

Viewing Quiz - 25 multiple-choice questions in 2 versions to deter cheaters - answer key (editable)

Optional activity options
here is an optional partner activity to finish up discussion of Ron Clark's character by relating it to round, flat, static, dynamic characters as well as focusing on internal and external conflict and motivation. This final activity also includes two short literary pieces about other teachers for students to compare and contrast to the movie. Finally, it includes an exit ticket that causes students to evaluate themselves.
The lesson is broken down by paragraph and thoroughly teaches how to write a thoughtful introduction, specific body paragraphs, and a conclusion that does more than just repeat the points in the essay. Students will use higher order thinking, organizational skills, note-taking, collaboration, and discussion in order to prepare and write the essay.

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I. Introduction

THE RON CLARK STORY tells an inspiring tale of an energetic, creative andidealistic young teacher who leaves his small hometown to teach in the big city.Carrying high hopes and confidence, Clark manages to cope with the stressfuland tough challenges brought by his new environment. Through his passionateuse of special rules for his classroom, highly innovative teaching techniques andan undying devotion to his students and helping them cope with their problems;Clark is able to make a remarkable difference in the lives of his students. He re-instills courage and hope into the lives of many down-and-out students. Even when he is almost overcome by pneumonia, Clark continues to work with hisstudents, hoping that he can raise their test scores to an acceptable level, orpossibly even higher.

II. Presentation

The story begins with Clark leaving his small hometown in North Carolina,hoping that he can also make it big teaching in the big city. Carrying high hopesand big dreams, Clark embraced the busy life in the city, working as a waiter for arestaurant as a part time job. He was able to land in Harlem Public School despitediscouragements from friends and colleagues, thinking that he is too weak andtoo nice for the 6


grader students who belong to the bottom group of thegraduating students. Reluctant that Clark can make it; he was given the task of improving the class score and passed the State Examination.Clark endures the rudeness of the class on the 1


time and suffers even worst asthe day passed but Clark never gives up on them. Instead, he tries to know hisstudents better by visiting them at their home. One of them was Shameika Wallace,

a 12 year old girl trying to attend school while helping to raise her brothers and sisters. Julio Vasquez who is a juvenile delinquent and Tayshawn

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