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Holiday Work

  • Seasonal Work NZ is a website dedicated to seasonal work in New Zealand has become an icon site for students and travellers.  The website lists vacancies in all areas of seasonal work.
  • Picknz is about working holiday schemes and seasonal work.

Job search sites

  • Trademe Jobs section
  • Seek is a free job search website with thousands of jobs online.  Also available is a learning centre and career resources.
  • Jobseeker indexes vacancy links across many websites; a search engine for jobs
  • Career Jet employment search engine
  • Jobs Directly are jobs advertised directly from employers
  • Job Cafe is a site where employers link directly with job seekers
  • is an employment site for vacancies in New Zealand State Sector organisations.  It also has job seeking information i.e. getting started, the working environment, what you require to work in NZ and graduate employment.
  • NZ Herald Jobs is a site that has employment vacancies which have been advertised in the NZ Herald over the past 14 days.  It also offers advice on career planning, training news, resources and others.
  • – Maori and Pacific recruitment marketing specialists
  • – Maori and Pacific focuses employment opportunities
  • has access to thousands of jobs in New Zealand in all sections and areas, so if you are searching for a new job or career advice, this site can help you.  Also has information about working overseas.
  • Future Step offers candidates access to exclusive job opportunities around the world in the middle management field.
  • Jobs in Japan is a site which offers information about working in Japan, information about clubs and organisations, services, housing etc. etc.
  • Job Universe New Zealand’s career job site for Information Technology and the computer industry.
  • Workgateways is a website which allows you to search for Recruitment Agencies in the UK.  Provides wages, bank account, visa and accommodation information.
  • Jobaroo is about job opportunities for students, graduates and travellers in Australia across industries such as medical/nursing, engineering, architecture, town planning, interior design, agriculture, fruit picking and more.
  • Pacific Island Jobs a gateway to jobs, volunteer posts, scholarships and internship opportunities in the Pacific, Australia and New Zealand.
  • European network of mulitlingual and bilingual jobs

Graduate recruitment

Career planning and counselling

  • – helps students learn about majors for Bachelors degrees from across all 8 NZ Universities
  • Careers New Zealand has information on career advice, industry information, funding sources, jobs and training etc.
  • Career Steer is a career choice diagnostic tool offered free to the public.

Job resources for new migrants

  • Auckland Regional Migrant Services supporting migrants and refugees to settle in Auckland including employment workshops and assistance with getting a job
  • Migrant Action Trust has a range of support services for migrants including employment support
  • New Kiwis links skills of migrants to job vacancies in an organisation.  Your skills will be searched by potential employers
  • Your English Online is a site which assists members to improve their English language skills so as to reach their employment and life goals in English speaking countries
  • Auckland Chamber of Commerce – go to: bfit, recruitment solutions, and Migrant Kiwis Employment/Project work

NZ business directories

Major Employment Agencies

Information about working

  • Labour Information from the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment with very useful info on employment
  • Work and Income New Zealand website has information for people who use or may use Work and Income Services.  Find out about getting work, income support and general information about Work and Income’s role and activities.
  •  – interactive website, which showcases over 200 profiled careers in a range of industries. Designed for career-seekers

Funding & Scholarships

  • Studylink connects people with the information they need to make informed decisions about student finances and other study-related issues, and provide financial support to students.


Community Education

  • Xtend lists of community and night classes in New Zealand

Self employment

  • Home Biz Buzz is an independent site serving home businesses, small businesses, entrepreneurs and self-employed in NZ

Assessment tools

  • Career Steer is an online career test to assist with career choice


Job hunting

  • Dress For Success solves the “Catch 22” dilemma that confronts low-income women trying to enter the workforce:  Without a job, how can you afford a suit?  But without a suit, how can you get that job?  Each client receives one suit when she has the job interview and a second suit when she gets the job.




See also our Volunteering page for further information


Sites related to specific fields


Business and Information Technology

Community and Social Practice

Conservation & Sustainability (see also Careers for a Sustainable World – Home page)

  • Wwoof volunteer, live and learn on organic properties
  • Green Careers info on study and work with animals, conservation and landscape


  • The Big Idea online community for creative industries
  • Artists Alliance – site for Visual Artists
  • – online casting and audition service
  • – recruitment site for Advertising, Digital, Design, Marketing and Communication industries



  • Ice Recruit worldwide engineering jobs
  • – info on technical, engineering and science jobs




  •  Construction related job opportunities

Travel & Tourism

Everybody likes free stuff.

That’s why we’ve provided lots of useful information on interview techniques and using personal networking to uncover job opportunities.  There’s even an article on how to select professional CV writers plus CV tips.

Writing a good CV means presenting your strengths in the best way possible – not trying to squeeze yourself into somebody else’s format.  That’s why you won’t find free CV templates or curriculum vitae examples here.  And there’s no such thing as a standard New Zealand CV format. 

If you are not sure how to write a CV and are relying on copying a CV example or a free CV template, you haven’t got much hope of writing a professional CV that will succeed in this competitive job environment.

It’s really hard to write a good CV for yourself.  You don’t know what your own strengths are because you’ve had them for as long as you can remember.  You take them for granted. 

For the same reason, Internet-based CV writing services are of dubious value.  You type your data into their form and they feed the form into their CV-making machine – and out comes a standard style CV that makes you sound just like everyone else.  It’s mechanical, impersonal and if you don’t type the right information in, you won’t get a good CV coming out.  Considering what they do, these services are not cheap either.

We know, because we get frustrated people calling us when they realise their free template CV or impersonal Internet CV doesn’t work. 

All the people at Successful Resumes are professional CV writers.  We meet our clients face-to-face or spend extensive time with them on the phone or Skype to really uncover what their strengths are.  Then we format each CV to present the client’s strengths to best effect. 

Free is good but perhaps not always economically wise.  Some people waste weeks, months and years of their career either out of work or in unsatisfying lower paid jobs because they think it’s cheaper to write their own CV.  Smart people pay a professional, win the job and get a payback for their career investment in a few days.  How many thousands of dollars of lost income are you wasting by trying to write it yourself?

Advice and support

Successful Resumes also provides you guidance on the job search process.

Read our free guides – examples of the practical help you'll find in the Jobsearch Toolkit we provide to CV clients. The Toolkit includes our exclusive Jobhunt Roadmap, along with other tools and tips:

Serious about a new job? Phone now

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