Me1600 Week 2 Assignment

Complete the following 2 exercises 1. Prepare a bank deposit detail for a $2,138.00 deposit. Use the informaTon in quesTons A-D. Record your answers to the deposit slip provided. NO±E : The bank deposit slip is setup for you to manually type the necessary informa±on to successfully complete the assignment. A. Cash receipts total $646.68; $2.68 was in coins. B. Check payments were # 2387 for $67.00 from Sue Patrick and # 460 for $50.00 from Ronald Rodriguez. C. Credit card payments were $25.00 and $67.00. Pam Adkins paid the $25.00 payment, and Brad Wilson paid the $67.00 payment. D. An insurance payment for Alejandro Sanchez arrived in the amount of $1374.32. ±he payment was from Aetna and was check # 309. BANK DEPOSI± DE±AIL PAYMEN± BANK NUMBER BY CHECK OR PMO BY COIN OR CURRENCY CREDIT CARD 2387 67 00 644 00 25 00 406 50 00 2 68 67 00 309 1374 32 TOTALS 1491 32 646 68 92 00 CURRENCY 644.00 COIN 2.68 CHECKS 1491.32 CREDIT CARDS 92.00 TOTAL RECEIPTS 2230.00 LESS CREDIT CARD $ 92.00 TOTAL DEPOSITS 2138.00 DEPOSIT DATE: 3-11-16 FIRM: __2138.00 _

Complete the following 2 exercises1.Write checks to pay the following bills. Be sure to keep track of your balance by also compleTng the check stubs. ±he beginning balance in the checkbook is $4562.79. NO±E: The checks are setup for you to manually type the necessary informa±on to successfully complete the assignment.A.Write check #5648 to the American Medical AssociaTon for $356.00 for new coding books.C.Write a check for the oFce mortgage payment to ²irst NaTonal Bank, in the amount of $1,770.00.Use check #5650.08/23/2016365.00Coding books5648-check stubDATE TO FOR 08/23/2016American Medical Coding books08/23/201646.90The American Medical AssociatonThree hundred and 00Blackburn Utli±y CompanyFour±y six dollars and nine±yWa±er bill5649-check stubDATE TO FOR 08/23/2016Utli±y CompanyWa±er BillBALANCE BROUGHTFORWARD4,19779DEPOSITSBALANCE4,19779AMT THIS CK4690BALANCE CARRIED FORWARD4,150895650-check stubDATE TO FOR

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